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Unique Mother's Day Gifts for Mum: Craft, Connect, and Celebrate

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the incredible women who raised us. But finding the perfect gift for Mum can feel like an annual challenge. This Mother's Day, skip the store-bought gifts that’ll just gather dust. Let's create a new memory together, something that celebrates the special bond we share. Imagine her face lighting up as we spend quality time together to create something beautiful.

Mother's day family portrait

Elevate Traditional Mother's Day Gifts for Mum

While a beautiful bouquet is always appreciated, take it a step further by pairing it with an Ikebana kit. This Japanese flower arrangement experience adds a touch of elegance and allows Mum to explore her creativity. For a lasting keepsake, consider a Pressed Flower kit, enabling her to preserve her favourite blooms and create personalised artwork.

Craft Together, Make Memories

Mums cherish quality time with their loved ones above all else. This Mother's Day, spend some quality time crafting together! Choose from our diverse selection of craft kits and enjoy an afternoon of creativity. Whether it's making a Macramé Plant Hanger, a Leather Wallet, or creating Stained Glass Art, there's something for every interest and skill level.

  • For the Plant Enthusiast: Try a Macramé Plant Hanger kit or our Basket Weaving kit to craft a basket for her plant babies.

  • For the Interior Designer: Gift her the Boho Blue Wall Macrame kit or a Stained Glass Painting kit to add a personal touch to her space.

  • For the Pet Lover: Has your Mum's love blossomed towards her furry (or feathery, or scaled) friend? Help her celebrate her new favourite son or daughter with an Engraving Lamp kit!  This versatile kit allows her to personalise the lamp with an etching of her pet's portrait, a paw print, or even a funny saying. Pro Tip: Order some extra acrylic panels, so she can create a gallery of all her favourite children.

Making it a Multigenerational Celebration

Are you a Mum yourself? This Mother's Day, create a beautiful multigenerational celebration of creativity and connection! Craft together with your Mum and your kid/s, each choosing a kit that suits your interests. Imagine the joy of creating something special together, a gift that Mum will cherish for years to come. Our Clay Flower Mirror, Textured Art and Bag Painting kits are great for all ages and skill levels.

Handmade Gifts from the Heart

Not every Mum is a crafting enthusiast. But a handmade gift made with love is sure to touch her heart.  Consider creating a unique present using one of our diy kits.

  • Sweet Treats & Self-Care: Grab some delicious gourmet chocolates and complement them with a homemade candle with our Candle Making kit, for a luxurious self-care day at home.

  • For the Homebody: Knit her a cosy throw that she can wrap herself in with our Pom Pom Yarn Knitting kit.

  • For the Jewellery Lover: Craft her a unique set of pearl jewellery with our Jewellery Making kit or make her a bespoke jewellery box with our Woodburning kit.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

For the Mum who seems to have everything, introduce her to a new and rewarding hobby!  Surprise her with a subscription to our monthly Discovery Kit subscription. Each month, she'll receive a new kit with all the materials and instructions needed to explore a different crafting technique. This is a gift that keeps on giving, fostering creativity and relaxation throughout the year.

Endless Creative Inspiration

Our extensive selection of craft kits caters to a wide range of interests. Here are some additional options to inspire you:

For the Busy Mum Who Needs a Break: Sometimes, busy Mums just need a chance to unwind. We have several craft kits that take less than an hour to complete, allowing her to relax and enjoy the creative process without a huge time commitment. Try a Turkish Lamp kit, a Bag Painting kit, or an Engraving Lamp kit for a fun and easy introduction to crafting.

For the Retired Mum with Time to Spare: For Mums with more time on their hands, we have kits that offer a satisfying challenge and a beautiful finished product. These kits will keep her engaged for hours and allow her to develop new skills. Explore our Paper Quilling, Loom Weaving, String Art, and Pom Pom Yarn Knitting kits.

For the Artistic Soul: Unleash her inner artist with kits like Alcohol Ink Art, Stained Glass Painting or Bag Painting.

For the Organised Mom: Help her stay stylish and organised with a Leather Card Holder kit or a Basket Weaving kit to create fun and functional organiser baskets.

This Mother's Day,  go beyond the ordinary and create lasting memories with a gift that sparks creativity, fosters quality time, and shows Mum just how much you care. Browse our wide selection of craft kits for adults to find the perfect unique Mother's Day gift for Mum.


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