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Unleash your creativity and light up your designs with our DIY Acrylic Engraving Night Lamp Craft Kit!


Create and showcase your favourite moments, inspirational quotes, or personalised designs. The warm LED base lights up your engravings, transforming them into a stunning personalised night light that brightens any room.


More Than Just a Night Light:

  • User-Friendly: Super easy for beginners! Simply trace any design with the provided engraving pen.

  • Included Designs: Comes with sample designs, or you can find and trace your own for a truly personalised night light.

  • Variety: Order extra acrylic panels to create multiple designs that can be changed and updated as desired, ensuring your night lamp always matches your mood or décor.

  • Handmade Touch: Unlike machine-engraved products, our kit offers a handmade and personal touch. It's a fun and unique experience you won't find anywhere else.

  • Drawing Made Easy: Use a ruler for crisp, straight lines and apply lighter pressure for smooth curves. Line drawings are a great way to begin, and you can explore shading techniques as you gain confidence.

  • Dimensions: Acrylic panel: 15cm x 15cm, LED light base with USB plug.


Perfect for All Occasions: Our diy acrylic engraving night lamp craft kits are the perfect gift or activity for all occasions such as Mother's Day, hen nights, birthday parties, Christmas, crafternoons with friends, baby showers, corporate events, team building, date nights, or family gatherings. Create a personalised night light that adds a warm, inviting glow to any space.


Unleash your creativity and enjoy the fun of crafting your own illuminated designs. Order your acrylic engraving night lamp kit today and light up your life with your unique creations!

DIY Acrylic Engraving Night Lamp Craft Kit

  • Standard Parcel Delivery

    3-6 business days for Western Australia.

    5-10 business days for interstate.


    Express post

    3-4 business days for Western Australia.

    3-6 business days for interstate.


    Please keep in mind that craft kits will be shipped out within 1-2 business days, there may be delays due to Covid-19 or during the festive seasons. 

    • 1x LED Base (Warm light, USB plug)
    • 1x Acrylic Panel (15cm x 15cm)
    • 1x Engraving Pen
    • 1x Ruler
    • Sample images
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