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Elevate your home décor to a whole new level with our Basket Weaving Kit!


Crafting beautiful and functional baskets has never been easier, even if you've never tried weaving before! Our basket weaving kit isn't just about making one basket. We're taking you on a weaving adventure! Learn how to weave a stunning round basket for your indoor plant, all while picking up handy tips on crafting square-shaped baskets and adjusting sizes along the way. With the foundational knowledge you'll gain in basketry, you'll have the power to bring any basket you can dream of to life. So, whether it's a cosy picnic basket, a chic tote bag, or a unique gift basket, our basket weaving tutorial lays the groundwork for you to weave your wildest creations with confidence. 


Our revolutionary weaving paper makes learning how to weave a breeze. This lightweight and colourful material isn't just a pretty face—it's incredibly sturdy. Unlike ordinary paper, our weaving paper is built to withstand moisture without a hint of warping or weakening. A little spritz of water while you weave will enhance its flexibility, making your weaving experience smoother and gentler on your hands. Say goodbye to rough edges and hello to smoother, more comfortable weaving sessions for your fingertips!


Let's embark on this weaving journey together and create something wonderful with your own hands. Watch as your creations add a touch of magic to every corner of your space! Your plants will thank you for their stylish new homes, and you'll beam with pride knowing you made it yourself!


Our craft kits are the perfect gift or activity for all occasions such as Mother's day, hens nights, birthday parties, Christmas, crafternoons with friends, baby showers, corporate events, team building, fundraisers, teacher activities, mothers groups, date nights or family gatherings.

Basket Weaving Kit

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    5-10 business days for interstate.


    Express post

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    Please keep in mind that craft kits will be shipped out within 1-2 business days, there may be delays during the festive seasons. 

    • Easy-to-follow video instructions
    • 2 rolls of Weaving Material (Choose from Brown, Light Brown and Purple)
    • Strapping tape
    • PVA Glue
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