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Looking for date night ideas? Why not learn a new skill together and try our DIY candle making kit at home!

Making candles at home is so satisfyingly simple! Our candle making kit provides everything you need to make six small candles, including a gorgeous and unique scent of your choice to infuse into them. Before you know it, you'll be filling all your spare jars with these divine, all-natural candles!

Decorate your candles with an array of dried and preserved flowers and finish it off with a fancy sticker and a beautiful message, to make it even more special with our candle making kit.

If you want a more rustic scent you can create your own aromas from your favourite herbs, flowers, spices, and even teas! (Instructions included)


Get in touch with your creative side and learn a new skill as you make new memories with our perfect date night candle making kit!


Our scents:

  • Gardenia - Indulge in the luxurious and sophisticated fragrance of Gardenias, a scent that transports you to a serene garden bathed in moonlight. Symbolising secret love, this fragrance creates a romantic and intimate ambiance.
  • The Marriott - Experience the luxurious and sophisticated fragrance of the Marriott that envelops you in a warm and welcoming ambience. The aroma is a perfect blend of rich, woody notes and hints of fresh, floral scents that create a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • White Tea - A captivating candle scent inspired by the pure essence of white tea. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of soft, clean notes that evoke the calming ritual of sipping white tea in a serene garden.
  • Sage and Sea Salt - Sage and sea salt is a refreshing and invigorating scent that transports you to the Mediterranean coast on a sunny day. Its aroma is a perfect blend of earthy sage and the salty breeze of the ocean. Together, they create a clean and crisp scent that can energize and revitalize your mood.
  • Dior Sauvage - This scent is inspired by wide-open spaces; a white-hot desert landscape under a vast blue sky. Fresh and woody.
  • Flower Garden - Immerse your space in the delightful fragrance of a vibrant flower garden. This aromatic blend features the sweet aroma of blooming flowers, dew-kissed petals, and a hint of earthiness, creating a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere for your home or workspace.
  • Osmanthus - Osmanthus is a captivating floral scent that evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication. Its aroma is a perfect balance of sweet and fruity notes, reminiscent of ripe apricots and juicy peaches.
  • Encounter - Inspired by Calvin Klein's Encounter cologne. Immerse yourself in the seductive blend of warm wood, cardamom, and mandarin, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and intrigue. Let this hypnotic fragrance linger, leaving an alluring trail in its wake.
  • Montblanc - This scent captures the essence of a gentleman. With its refined blend of aromatic and woody notes, it evokes the unmistakable essence of his presence, creating an ambiance that's reminiscent of sophistication, class, and the charm of a strong and thoughtful man.
  • Ebony - Inspired by the rich allure of ebony wood. Immerse yourself in the deep, smoky notes that capture the mysterious allure of this exotic timber. Let the warm and enveloping fragrance of Ebony Embrace infuse your space with a sense of sophistication, creating a cosy ambiance reminiscent of a cabin retreat in the woods.
  • Classic Rose - Experience the timeless allure of roses. This scent captures the essence of pure rose in its most elegant form, embodying the essence of a lush rose garden, enveloping your space in the sweet and delicate fragrance of freshly bloomed roses.


Our craft kits are the perfect gift or activity for all occasions such as Mother's day, hens nights, birthday parties, Christmas, crafternoons with friends, baby showers, corporate events, team building, fundraisers, teacher activities, mothers groups, date nights or family gatherings.

Date Night Candle Making Kit

  • This Product is only available in Australia


    Standard Parcel Delivery

    3-6 business days for Western Australia.

    5-10 business days for interstate.


    Express post

    3-4 business days for Western Australia.

    3-6 business days for interstate.


    Please keep in mind that craft kits will be shipped out within 1-2 business days, there may be delays due to Covid-19 or during the festive seasons. 

    • Easy to follow instruction sheet
    • Six Wicks
    • Two Square Candle Glasses
    • Two Circular Candle Glasses
    • 200g Candle Wax (100g of Beeswax and 100g of Soy Wax)
    • One 10ml Essential Fragrance Oil (Choose from our list of beautiful scents or let us surprise you)
    • One Flower Shaped Stirring Spoon
    • One Stainless Steel Wick Centering Tool
    • Eight Thank You Labels
    • Mix of dried and preserved flowers
    • One Pair of Tweezers
    • One Hundred Wick Stickers
    • One Bag of Candle Dye


    Additional items required:

    • Microwave safe pouring cup/bowl
    • Scissors
    • Heat-proof gloves (Oven Mitts)
    • Long-neck lighter
    • Food thermometer (Optional)
    • BYO Cocktails (Optional).
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