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The Best Mother's Day Gifts for Every Type of Mum

Updated: May 22, 2023

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to show your mum how much you appreciate her. Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, especially when you want to find something unique and meaningful. That's why we've put together a list of the best Mother's Day gifts for different types of mums, from the adventurous to the crafty and everything in between.

Women celebrating mother's day

1. Adventurous Mum

For the mum who loves to explore the great outdoors, consider gifts that fuel her passion for adventure. Some options include:

- A hiking backpack that's both functional and photogenic.

- A National Parks pass (Passes can be purchased for each state in Australia).

- A DIY crochet sun hat to keep her safe from the sun and look cute while she’s adventuring.

2. Foodie Mum

For the mum who loves to eat, cook, and try new recipes, consider these culinary-inspired gifts:

- A cooking class or workshop to explore new cuisines and recipes together.

- A gourmet gift basket of local produce.

- A bag painting craft kit to make a cute bag for carrying her delicious lunches or take away in.

3. Crafty Mum

If your mum is a DIY Craft queen, she'll love gifts that inspire her creativity. Here are some ideas:

- A new craft that she hasn’t tried before to inspire her.

- A gift card to a craft store, so she can pick out exactly what she wants.

- A craft subscription box, so she can try a new craft every month without the hassle of looking for all the tools and materials.

4. New Mum

New mums need all the support they can get. Help her adjust to motherhood with these thoughtful gifts:

- A spa day or massage gift certificate.

- A few hours of babysitting so that she can have some me-time (Use Canva to make her a cute gift voucher).

- A paper quilling craft kit of an adorable whale that you can create together as a fun and personalised nursery decoration.

5. Green Thumb Mum

If your mum has a green thumb and loves spending time in her garden, these plant-inspired gifts are sure to make her heart bloom with joy:

- A set of cute gardening tools and accessories.

- A fun planter pot or garden decoration that is sure to bring a smile to her face every time she steps outside.

- A macrame plant hanger DIY kit to craft a unique and creative hanger to display her plant babies.

6. Pet Lover Mum

If your mum dotes on her furry companion more than she does on you, then you can't go wrong with a gift that celebrates her new favourite "child":

- An all-in-one pet carrier to take her furry BFF with her wherever she goes.

- Matching outfits with her pet.

- An acrylic engraving lamp craft kit that allows you to create a custom pet portrait that will light up her world.

7. Homebody Mum

If your mum loves to spend time at home, indulge her with a gift that'll transform her home into a cosy oasis where she can unwind, relax, and pamper herself:

- A fluffy bathrobe to lounge around in.

- A cosy blanket or throw to add a pop of colour to her home and to keep her warm.

- A Candle Making Kit, the perfect activity to soothe her senses and create a warm and inviting atmosphere at home.

8. Fashionista Mum

For the mum who has a passion for fashion and loves dressing up, consider gifts that show off her sense of style:

- A consultation for a personal colour analysis that will show your mum all the colours that harmonise with her complexion, hair, and eyes.

- Go on a shopping date with her and create an unforgettable memory doing what she loves.

- A Resin bracelet craft kit to make her very own, one-of-a-kind statement jewellery to reflect her personal style.

No matter what type of mum you have, there's a thoughtful and unique present out there just for her. Remember, the most important thing is to show your mum how much you appreciate her. Any of these gifts combined with a heartfelt note and quality time together will make her feel loved and cherished on Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day!


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