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Hosting a Craft Party with Friends: The Perfect Winter Activity

Updated: Jul 7

Missing catching up with your friends but tired of the same old brunch routine? We get it! Crafting with friends is an amazing way to connect, have fun, and unleash your inner artist – all from the comfort and warmth of your own home.

Why Craft with Friends at Home?

  1. Stay Warm and Comfy: There’s no need to brave the cold when you can stay indoors, wrapped up in your favourite blanket or Oodie, with a hot drink by your side, and let the good times roll!

  2. Unlimited Time: Unlike craft workshops, crafting at home means there’s no rush. If you don’t finish your project, you can take it home and continue working on it with our easy-to-follow video tutorials.

  3. Catch Up While Creating: Crafting is a fantastic way to catch up with friends. Chat, laugh, and bond over your projects in a relaxed and cosy environment.

  4. Flexible Crafting: Since it’s not a workshop, everyone can choose a different craft. Explore new skills and interests together, all in one place.

We offer a variety of exciting craft kits perfect for crafting with friends, explore our curated selection of craft kits for groups or our favourites below:

  • Moss Rug Making Kit: This unique kit is massive – perfect for 4-6 friends to work together on a stunning rug! Just let us know how many are crafting and we'll include extra latch hooks.

  • Pearl Jewellery Kit: Create beautiful, personalised jewellery pieces with your friends. Make matching sets or unique designs—it’s the fancy adult version of friendship bracelets.

  • Ultra Light Foam Clay Mirror: Pottery is trending, but foam clay offers a mess-free alternative. It air-dries, is lightweight, and waterproof, making it a fun and easy medium to work with.

Ready to Host an Epic Craft Party?

We have some pro tips and tricks in our handy guide for a guaranteed easy and successful craft party with your friends!

1. Choose Your Craft Kits

Decide which craft you and your friends would like to try. Whether you all choose the same craft or different ones, opt for projects that don’t require too much concentration, allowing you to chat and socialise. For example, unless you’re already a pro, crocheting can require a lot of concentration and stitch counting, making it less ideal for socialising. Check out our website for craft kits we've selected as great for group activities.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at We’re all craft lovers here, and every kit has been tested or created by one of our team members.

2. Order Your Kits: Once you've chosen your project, visit our website to place your order. Make sure to order the kits in advance to ensure they arrive on time. If you're all doing the same craft, consider placing a group order. If everyone is doing different projects, each person can order their own kit.

3. Video tutorial/s: If you and your friends are working on different crafts, it's a good idea to watch the tutorials ahead of time to get a rough idea of the process. If you're all doing the same craft, consider playing the tutorial on your TV for everyone to follow along. Alternatively, you can learn the craft beforehand and guide your friends through the steps as the resident expert.

4. Prepare the Crafting Space: 

  • Select a comfortable area in your home with enough space for everyone to work.

  • Ensure there are enough chairs, and table or floor space for all participants.

  • Lay down protective coverings if necessary, especially if you’re working with paint or glue.

5. Gather Supplies

While our kits come with everything you need, make sure you have some extra supplies on hand, such as:

  • Scissors

  • Water (for painting etc)

  • Access to power (for wood burning, engraving lamps etc)

6. Set the Mood

Create a cosy and inviting atmosphere with soft lighting and comfortable seating. Play some background music to set a relaxing tone.

7. Snacks and Drinks! Stock up on snacks, drinks, and maybe even some mulled wine for extra warmth. Think finger foods that are easy to eat while crafting.

8. Relax, Have Fun, and Bond! The most important ingredient for a successful crafting night is to relax, have fun, and enjoy the company of your friends. Don't worry about creating masterpieces – focus on the laughs, conversations, and the joy of creating something together.

Still on the fence? We recommend ordering a kit to try first to see for yourself how fun and easy crafting with us can be!

Craft Party Tips

  • Encourage Creativity: Remind everyone that there’s no right or wrong way to create. The goal is to have fun and be creative.

  • Mix and Match: Don’t worry if everyone is working on different projects. It adds to the fun and allows everyone to learn from each other.

  • Document the Fun: Take photos and videos of the crafting process and the finished projects. It’s a great way to remember the fun time you had together.

  • Stay Relaxed: The most important thing is to enjoy the time spent with friends. Don’t stress about perfection—focus on the joy of crafting together.

By following this guide and our pro tips, you’ll ensure that your craft party is a hit. Happy crafting!


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