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Ever dreamed of designing your own stunning, custom rug? Make it a reality with our beginner-friendly Tufting Gun Kit! Our Tufting Gun Kit is your gateway to crafting personalised rugs, coasters, wall hangings, and tapestries from the comfort of home. Perfect for those who have dabbled in tufting classes or are eager to explore this trendy craft, our comprehensive kit offers everything you need to unleash your creativity without the hassle of sourcing materials individually.

What sets our kit apart? It’s meticulously curated to ensure a seamless crafting experience. The tufting gun features a unique design with covered gears, preventing yarn and hair from tangling—a common frustration with other models. This thoughtful feature not only enhances usability but also ensures smooth, frustration-free tufting sessions.


This kit includes:

  • High-Quality Tufting Gun (AU Plug): Get started crafting immediately with this user-friendly and safe tufting gun.

  • Sturdy Wooden Frame with Clamps (50cm x 50cm): The perfect platform for creating your tufted masterpiece.

  • Trimmer Kit (US Plug): Essential for achieving a polished and professional finish with ease.

  • Tufting Canvas (1.5m x 1m): Two pieces of quality canvas for experimenting and crafting large designs. Cut them down to size for multiple projects.

  • Heavy-Duty Anti-Slip Rug Base Fabric (1.85m x 1m): Ensures durability and stability for your finished rugs.

  • 6 x 8ply Yarn (200g each, varying colours): A vibrant assortment to fuel your creativity.

  • Protective Strip for Tufting Frame, Fabric Marker, Brush, Scissors, Threader, Grease, and Paint Scraper: Everything you need for a seamless crafting process.

Please note: Glue is not included as it's readily available at local stores. This saves you on unnecessary shipping costs!


Unlike other kits, ours is crafted with beginners in mind, sparing you from common pitfalls and ensuring compatibility across all components. No need to worry about missing supplies or making incorrect purchases—everything is conveniently bundled for your creative journey.

Whether you're crafting for relaxation, as a personal challenge, or to gift your creations to friends and loved ones, our Tufting Gun Kit promises endless possibilities. Embrace the joy of crafting with confidence, and watch your unique designs come to life stitch by stitch.


Transform your blank canvas into a beautiful conversation piece! Order your Tufting Gun Kit today and start creating the rug of your dreams!

Tufting Gun Kit

  • Standard Parcel Delivery

    3-6 business days for Western Australia.

    5-10 business days for interstate.


    Express shipping is not available for this kit. Please keep in mind that craft kits will be shipped out within 1-2 business days, there may be delays during the festive seasons. 

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